Thursday, December 20, 2012

Golly! Almost forgot!

With the End of the World coming tomorrow, I suddenly realized that I had better get my last words out FAST!

Looking back over the year, especially the political year, I find myself almost wishing the world WOULD end tomorrow. Almost...

REASON #1: I was glad the President was re-elected, but I am not happy about the possibility of making my Social Security amount  less and less as I grow older and need it more. I called my two Senators (both hard-working, progressive ladies) and told them to fight any of that nonsense--especially as Social Security is self-financed and has NOTHING to do with our debt/deficit. It took me two days to reach a quavering volunteer at the White House; I am supposing that many callers who expressed their opinions on the Social Security subject were less than polite. I was VERY polite. I didn't bother with my current Representative, as he votes in lock-step with his party, and it wouldn't matter WHAT I told him. I am really glad that after redistricting, I got a new, and more progressive Congressman.

REASON #2: I was--and am--appalled that two billion dollars was spent just on electing a President; I keep thinking of how many hungry that would feed, how many homeless that would house, and how many sick could be healed.

REASON #3: No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get organized Poltergeist still hides things, and no matter how hard or where I look, it keeps them hidden until the immediate need for the thing has passed and I have either A. Replaced It or B. Given Up and Gone On To Another Project.

Reason #4: I have been biting my tongue (well, figuratively, anyhow) about the Government (That's US, Folks! Remember, "We, the People"?) until I am blue in the face. To mix a metaphor. Don't get me started.

Oh, heck! After tomorrow, who will care?

So--I am sending y'all my Holiday Greetings, just in case we don't get to the Holidays (aside from Hannukka--those clever Jews got their winter holiday outta the way in time). And a Happy Solstice!

And I'll see you Next Year, of course!  Nan, who used images from Deviant Scrap (at ) to make this card

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