Monday, August 13, 2012

For Whom Do You Cry?

For whom do you cry
When someone you loved dies?
Someone you never knew
But who touched your life
For years and years.

For whom do you cry
If you loved someone's smile
And that smile is gone, now

You cry for yourself
Because something is gone
From your life
And it can't come back.

You cry for yourself
Though the one you cry for
Would tell you not to
Would want you strong

And want you to live
The best life you can.
But you cry anyway
For her and for all

The lost things you grieve for
That you can't bring back.
At least she knew we loved her.
Kathi Geortzen; photo from KOMO-TV website

In Memory of Kathi Goertzen, News Anchor at KOMO-TV in Seattle for thirty tears, and who died today after a fourteen-year battle with
a recurring brain tumor. She fought every inch of the way, and was loved by locals for her grace and courage, as well as her wit and intelligence. Rest in Peace, Kathi; we will miss you.

Until next time, Nan