Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What possesses folks to use yellow?

I've just got to vent! I've just spent an hour blog hopping at Graphic 45 and their week with May Arts ribbon. (here's the link: ) I am getting inspired by the terrifically talented designers. They have great ideas, and they share these most generously and with good instructions. BUT (you knew that was coming, right?) some of them use yellow to type links and/or vital information, rendering said links and information unreadable. Yellow against white? About as little contrast as you can get! See what I mean? Isn't this better?

As long as I'm here, I might mention that, although one is encouraged to leave comments (there are swell prizes), on some of the blogs, finding the place to do this is really difficult and sometimes impossible. I've had thee days' experience with this now, and been frustrated at least four times when trying to comment. I like prizes, sure, but I also like to tell folks when I find their projects useful and ornamental, and it frustrates me when I can't do it. Now, this may be the fault of the blog host, but maybe a word from a client might fix it.

I've spent the last three days taking an awesome internet class on Photoshop from Jessica Sprague at . Although geared to scrapbooking, the class has lot to offer those of us who do digital art, and I am glad I signed up for it  Here are my class assignment results.

Day one homework: Top to bottom: Black and white version of "Best of Friends"; color version with grunge texture layer;  color without grunge layer.

Day two homework: Scrapbook page with journal text

Day three homework: Manipulating photo with textures and masks; using clipping masks

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  1. Nan, I completely agree about the yellow print. I had a very tough time reading what you printed in yellow (almost didn't see it at all). Is it our age? I will ask my friend to look.
    Love the stuff you are doing with Jessica. I did the first few days but yesterday I didn't have enough time.