Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Addendum to Yesterday's Post

Sometimes I wonder! Here I go and put up stuff about my daughter, the Artist-Singer-Sonwriter, and forget all about putting up a link to her web site. DUH!

Here is the link:


"Who is in the Crowd" by Susan Ruth
Check it out--and be sure to check out the music, too! And just so I shouldn't waste the trip, here are a few more of her recent works:

"Deconstruction" by Susan Ruth

"Throwing Stones" by Susan Ruth

"The Other Side" by Susan Ruth

"Untitled" by Susan Ruth
Susan lives in her studio in Nashville, and spends her time writing songs, practicing piano and guitar, walking her dog, Mikey, and painting. She just finished a Showcase in Florida, and will be going to New York City the end of November for a Showcase there. 

'Til next time, Proud Mama Nan

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